Online Recruitment System

It is an HR module to digitize the recruitment process. This is developed to create an HR module for the companies where they can digitize the recruitment process.

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Project Type

Business Analysis

This system is developed to help companies by creating an HR module using which they can digitize the whole recruitment process. It helps HRs in selecting the right candidate with the right skills. It has taken the frustration out of recruiting staff. So, there will be no more endless resumes, easy process flows, simplified advertising and less paperwork. It allows you to access any information from anywhere in the world at any given time, as long as you have Internet access. It is fully customizable to suit the needs of your business.

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Key Challenges

  • The biggest challenge was to create a unique and handy system as there are already many similar products available to companies and giving a strong competition to each other.

  • The next biggest challenge was to deploy some unique, useful and advanced features in this module which can enhance the whole digitization of the complete recruitment process.

  • Perfection in the sense of UI (user interface) with smooth animations throughout was the last challenge for us.

Proposition & Solution

  • Our team developed an efficient HR business module that let companies in digitizing their recruitment process in order to remove all paperwork.

  • We ensured quality coding and testing before the delivery.

  • Search functionality was made intuitive to enable it to return the accurate results.

  • We have deployed many new and advanced features so that it came out as the unique HR module as compared to other online recruitment portals.

our development process

  • 01

    The Discovery Phase- Our business analysts performed a lot of research and brainstorming before the app development process. At the end of the discovery phase the “Who, Why What, When and Where” of the project were thoroughly scrutinized.

  • 02

    The Execution Phase- After gathering all the nuts and bolts to proceed, it was time for project execution. Our designers, developers and quality analysts followed the agile development process for execution and worked side-by-side to achieve the project aims. Our project managers also did regular reviews to check the progress of the project went smoothly and according to the time.

  • 03

    Sprint Base Project Delivery-We took the client’s feedback on each stage of development and applied the feedback in the project. It helped us to meet the client’s expectations in the best possible manner.

  • 04

    The Deployment Phase- Now, the final app was ready to be unleashed on the world after a rigorous development & testing period. We deployed the app in the app store.

salient features

01 Set up interviews with prospective candidates

02 Promulgate a list of positions available within the company

03 Manage vacancies available in the company

04 Provide information on the position advertised by the company

05 Compile assessment criteria for vacant positions



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